It’s Alive!

aliveBlogs are passé or so the theory holds. People don’t read information or opinion in large chunks of text on the Internet anymore, rather they watch cat videos, embrace only supporting opinions supplied by corporate algorithms, masturbate, and buy goods from online retailers (hopefully not all at the same time). The Internet has become Soma and the Big Brother all rolled into one convenient, high definition, streaming package. I have never been one to accept the accepted wisdom however, and this is where this blog comes in.

By trade, inclination, and the fact that I am massively unsuitable for a real job, I run a computer security company based in the United Kingdom. We perform penetration testing, which sounds considerably ruder than it is, engage in IT security research and provide other services to those that pay us. Also I say, I run, but in actuality the company is more a collection of peers that are all working towards a collectivist goal rather than an actual grown up company.

When not at the day job, I have always been a writer by disposition, and this year, a publisher was unwise enough to accept my first manuscript. Concerned with the history of propaganda of the deed from 1866 to 1926, it contains all manner of details about regicides, assassinations, and explosions that was international in scope and created widespread hysteria. Unlike most history books, I have attempted to look beyond the often cited acts, and instead examine the individuals who committed them as they have long suffered from misconceptions that are not out of place in our own harried age.

One of the drivers behind the creation of this blog, rather than the self-publicity that seems to lie at the heart of many, is largely to vent about the things I find interesting. It will principally address history, but will also be liberally littered with political opinion, and other random assorted nonsense. I make no promises as to its quality or otherwise, but it is my sincere hope that some of you find it interesting. And with that, I’m off for now…


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